Access Control

From single door access up to 5000 user multi door installations

Controlling who can and can’t enter your building can be vital to your security. Whether it’s 12 people or 1200 people, whether it’s just employees or guests as well, the principle is the same: only those authorised to be on your property are allowed to enter.


Our systems are designed specifically for your building. We can cater for all requirements, whether you need us to put access control on one door or many, or even extra security for sensitive or staff-only areas.


We can even connect them to other kinds of security systems, such as intruder alarms as well as gates and barriers, to bring you a complete security system for your building.


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CCTV systems

System features available:


  • Intercom Systems: speak to visitors before you allow entry
  • Biometric Readers: read the biometrics of a person to verify their access
  • Rising Bollards: control where vehicles can go and choose which vehicles you allow entry
  • Video Entry Systems: record video footage of who is at your door, works well with intercoms
  • Proximity Readers: allow certain doors to open automatically based on proximity
  • Swipe Card Readers: give cards of different access to authorised personnel, works well in offices
  • Gates and Barriers: take full control over who can and cannot enter your property
  • Automatic Access Control: many of our systems can be automated


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